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International Sustainable Irrigation Expo

Its objective is to create and develop an event with the capacity to convene a national level focused on dissemination, professional design with the appropriate use of compatible products, installation, maintenance and awareness of the importance of water saving with irrigation systems efficient and intelligent

About us

We are a firm dedicated to irrigation systems marketing with more than 5 years of experience and wide management capacity focused on sustainable life promotion through innovative irrigation systems


Convene multidisciplinary common interest groups focused on innovation, development, installation, maintenance, and creation of irrigation systems in every area, to share and build sustainability strategies

Regional Sales Manager for México and Latin America 

Regional Sales Manager for México and Latin America is the creator of the 1st Edition of the International Sustainable Irrigation Expo, with the main target of encouraging and promoting Irrigation Systems in México and all over the world. 

We are a firm dedicated to develop a show with international attendance focused on communication, professional design of products, installation, maintenance, and consciousness in order to promote water efficiency through smart and efficient irrigation systems.




Micro Irrigation


Public, institutional and industrial support form:

The First Edition of International Sustainable Irrigation Expo, is an ideal event to meet business contacts in the irrigation and innovation market; it will be the most important event for irrigation industry, no matter if it’s ResidentialIndustryAgriculturalMicroGolf and Landscape, Municipalities and Government Institutions.